about charu moohan


consummate singer, music composer, song writer, music producer and live performer who knows his audience’s heart strings better than they do…!


The Journey -

Charu's journey started from the city of Taj Mahal - Agra, where he was born…

He grew up and studied at his native place, Moradabad, a small city, also adapted as a surname by a famous poet - Jigar Moradabadi.

Charu's father Late Shri Lalit Moohan Bharadwaj had served as a Programmer Executive at All India Radio and he was a blessed hindi poet. Charu's mother Smt. Nirmala Bharadwaj is a housewife. Charu is the youngest after four sisters.

Music and literature was in the family. Charu's parents were gifted singers & music lovers, though not trained. Charu also has received no formal training in music..

After completing his graduation, Charu came to Delhi, the next big city for the youth of his age, who had a dream with an artistic bend of mind, academic aspirations of the parents to fulfill and a typical small town-middle class complex..!
But he had a dream..

In Delhi Charu did theatre for 3 years and got the basics of performing arts corrected by some stalwarts like Piyush Mishra, Lt B. M. Shah and Sanjay Upadhyay. To many, theatre means only acting, but for him it was all…. singing, acting, composing songs, understanding literature and most significantly understanding the art of expression..!

Charu finally shifted to the city of dreams - Mumbai in 1999 and started working on modest projects as singer and music composer. 



The Musician -


Charu is a simple product of raw talent and focus. He is an untrained musician whose passion for the art form has given him a musical education few musicians can boast of. Performing on stage and creating in the studio with equal ease, he has a penchant for making his music personal – both to himself and to the listener. 

Besides over 1000 charismatic shows under his belt, he has also sung, written as well as composed for films.

Having very deep interest in music, Charu rather chose a different gateway to fulfil his dreams, and that was – theater!

Probably this is the reason why Charu's performance shines with a distinctive edge.. Also, his experience in theater gave him deep understanding of different art forms - literature, music and acting..

As an accomplished music composer, singer and song writer, Charu has certainly carved a niche for himself in the music industry and also in the hearts of music lovers..!