'Charu can put life into the lifeless ... Make non believers into believers... The loveless into lovers .. '    

Dr. Tarita Shankar, Pune



“An Evening with Charu Moohan” was an idea born on 11th September 2002 when Charu was performing unplugged for some close friends… 

Same year, in december, one late chilly night in Mahabaleshwar, Charu did his first show as a singer in front of some tourists and music lovers and instantly he knew that this can stay for some time because his music & style had received the resonance of appreciation. Charu was ecstatic by the response… he loved his job!    

“ I am no singer, you are no audience, we are just sharing some rare moments…” 

This is what Charu believes in. The music has to be shared. Because besides being a performing art, its an instrument to charge the feelings, ignite the atmosphere and it creates a relationship that goes beyond a performer and the audiences. 

Friends and fans often tell Charu that Mahabaleshwar still echoes with those moments that his music once created...!

‘An evening with charu moohan’ is a mehfil of some very soulful, intense and intimate moments…. where Charu performs solo on his keyboard and self-created music tracks on a laptop.

It’s a one man show where Charu performs some great melodies of yesteryears (read all-time classics) irrespective of their era, however, he loves singing the golden tunes of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, in his own inimitable style, original voice, expression and interpretation.He performs a variety of songs and ghazals, covers of legends like S D Burman, Hemant Kumar to A.R.Rahman  and from Talat Mehmood, Jagjit Singh to Mehdi Hassan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan…  

Other than cover versions & tributes, Charu performs his original compositions too which he has composed for various films and music albums..  

Charu often quotes Elvis, “I know nothing about music, In my line you don’t have to….”

 Writer/director Sibtain Shahidi elaborates this - 

‘Charu has a very soothing, fresh and honest voice. He rarely performs - rather he lives music.. He feels it... Once he starts singing, audience experiences a pleasant aroma of notes, through his wonderful voice.   He understands the subtext of a musical composition and meaning of each word   he is singing. The credit goes to his deep interest & knowledge of music & literature and of course to his theater background… '


Charu is a consummate artist. He has a knack for melody, and knows his audience’s heart strings better than they do…

With 1015 live gigs under his belt (till July, 2015), Charu is going on and on.... sharing some rare moments and making music lovers ecstatic!


coming soon...