they said it . . .

Dear Mr Moohan,

I have enjoyed listening to your singing and I must compliment you on a very fine voice and a wide repertoire of old songs that you perform so admirably.  There are many good memories I have of  your music performances where you have sung songs from the earlier days.

Wish you the best.

Harsh V. Goenka, Mumbai 
Chairman, RPG Enterprises


Charu Moohan is an artist par excellence with a soothing voice, pleasing personality, affectionate ambience, mixed with an excellent temperament that nature would stand up and say -

‘ this is a  true musician ’


Madhur Bajaj, Mumbai
Executive Vice Chairman, Bajaj auto ltd.



When I heard him for the first time I was hooked on to his voice... He can put life into the lifeless ... Make   non believers into believers... The loveless into lovers .. His voice is the potion for my thirsty soul!


Dr. Tarita Shankar, Pune
Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes


I have a huge admiration for Charu’s voice and his compositions. He has a rich human quality to his voice that aptly matches his kind and mischievously polite persona. I have worked with him on almost all the genres of film and television, and have been immensely satisfied with the final output. It’s not just the soulful music he makes, but the positive and professional attitude that he approaches every project, makes him an absolute delight to work with.

Wish him the best in life… 

Rabia Nazki, Mumbai
Professor,  Business of Film & Televisiom at Whistling Woods International


Dear Charu, you have always enthralled us with your music and we never tire listening to it – we wish you all the best in life..!


Mr. Akhil Gupta, Delhi
Deputy Group CEO and Managing Director, Bharti Enterprises



I wud say "Charu Mohan transports one back to the melody of an era gone by! A soulful voice & an amazing performer, his medleys are wonderful indeed!" :)

Rasika Wakalkar, Pune



All the best to you and hope you continue the good work and keep many of your lovers and your audiences happy..


Dr. Vivek M. Rege, Mumbai

Pediatric Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist
B J Wadia Hospital For Children, Hurkisondas Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital


In this beautiful world Charu Moohan is such  a  person whose clam personality brings cool vibrations to people  not only by his mere presence but is also blessed by GOD with a deep, heart-touching, enchanting voice.

He performs with undoubtedly immense energy which is experienced by the audience.  Whenever he performs it is like his voice is  bathing   every soul around  him.  His voice has lot of romance too in all his favorite lovable songs.

We are blessed to know  Charu Moohan  and have privilege of listening to this unforgettable voice, that takes us away in the dream world…

Wishing him all the best in Life .

With Warm Regards,


Ms. Shefali J. Shah, Mumbai



The best unplugged I've ever heard.. Charu has the most dreamy voice!! He also has a way to make his audience feel comfortable and engage them in his music!

Thanks charu for always making any evening more gorgeous than it is.

Aarya’s, Mumbai



I have know Charu for a few years now and have been a great fan of his singing. He is a very versatile singer and does full justices to the old melodies. His ability to interact and make the audience participate livens up the party. Love to hear him sing unplugged.
Wishing him all the best and success going forward.

Radhe Kedia, Mumbai



Remembering my first meeting with Mr. Charu Moohan…
“It was a beautiful evening at Brightland Holiday Village, Mahabaleshwar. He was singing on the stage and I was there in the audience getting moved by his performance.
I was instantly attracted to his art & very soon we were great friends.

I truly admire Charu’s soulful voice, the feel factor & style. He brings out the soul of the original composition. He interprets each song in his style and give it a fresh perspective to the listener and that makes his show a special and an experience to remember. Besides, his performance covers different genres – from golden soulful oldies to melodious new hindi film songs and ghazals.  His original compositions too are undoubtedly praiseworthy.
Charu  has always been a hit with my friends and business associates wherever I have invited him to sing for a social or corporate event.

I am very confident that the day is not far off when he would enthrall the whole country with his melodious voice!
I wish him all the best for a trailblazing successful career.”


Sudipta K. Sen, Mumbai
Regional Director - South East Asia, CEO & Managing Director – India, SAS Institute (India) Pvt Ltd



“Charu Moohan truly mesmerizes us with his performances.
He is an exemplary entertainer and listening to him once leaves you craving for more.
From my long association with Charu, I notice that along with being a wonderful entertainer and performer, he is also a humble and approachable human being.

I wish Charu all the success he deserves and that he continues to grow to greater heights..”


A.K. Khanna
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.



Dear Charu Moohan,

Your programs one after another have reinforced my belief that you have a magical voice and nothing can sooth me more than your melodies.

I have realized that you sing with lot of passion. Passion for life and for our work is a critical element of success and abundance. Your passion and love for singing generates lot of energy in the atmosphere. I find your music, your songs, and your soothing voice truly nourishing to my soul and, that particular moment when you are singing, I feel that an abundant, joyful life is just around the corner.

I wish for you :

Friendships to brighten your being,
Beauty for your eyes to see,
Confidence for when you doubt,
Faith so that you can believe,
Courage to know yourself,
Patience to accept the truth,
And love to complete your life,

God Bless You!

With regards,

Rahul Timbadia, Mumbai

Chairman, La Tim Lifestyle & Resorts Ltd.



Dear Charu Mohanji, 
You are truly blessed to have a voice like yours..
You turn the evening magical.. we wish the evening never ended. You are brilliant..!
Carry on..!!!
Best always..

Meeta Jain, Mumbai



In the world of Hindi music over the years we have heard great male singers like Mohammad Rafi,  Kishor Kumar,  Mukesh,  Manna Dey,   Saigal, Hemant Kumar etc. , each one having his own identify and etching their permanent place in the anals of History.  They all belonged to the 20th Century under taking an epoch  making Voyage and carving out their name and fame in Golden Letters.

Today  in the 21st Century a person having a miracle voice capable of emulating all the above greats but in his own inimitable style and a  Charisma par excellence has entered the music industry since last one decade and has won the hearts of many a thousand music lovers all over India and is known to the music world as Mr. Charu Moohan.

A very dynamic, charismatic and down to earth young Gentleman  who is known to me since last 6 years and has carved his  image  in my heart  with his unique, resonating and romantic voice which lingers    on  an    on    for  hours together making him a personality to  reckon with.
I convey my blessings to him by saying these few words, that this young man is definitely going to make his name in the world of music which will be remembered by one and all for years to come.

Wishing him all the best in Life.

With Warm Regards,

 Jaipal J.Shah, Mumbai



Without music life would be a mistake.
~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Well, I believe in that. Music was always and still is a passion for me. Whenever I feel low in life I go back to my collection and choose anything that comes my way to hear and feel relaxed. Life goes round and round and you meet so many people in life. One man who i came across through my passion is Charu Mohan. Hearing Charu performing his art is a treat. I am not a singer nor a musician but to appreciate this art or any art for that matter you don’t have to be an artist. We are audience, we appreciate anything that touches the soul and Charu’s voice and music does that accurately..

I am sure Charu will bring smile to millions & millions of faces in near future..
Wishing him all the very best!

Vivek Tewari, Mumbai
Writer & Director


One morning when i met charu mohan at the hills of mahabaleshwar it was mist all around and we sipped tea together. the magical morning was mystifying but the evening had greater beauty in store. it was his show at the resort.  his soulful rendition of great masters were as good as his original ones.. the evening took me to a spiritual high. the best feature of him as an artist is his tone that speaks of honesty..and it enlightens the space where he performs.

i am his fan as a composer and obviously as a singer.


Sibtain Shahidi, Mumbai
Poet, Script writer & Director


Charuji aap ki aawaaz ek kudrat ka karishma haiaur aap khud bhi lajawaab ho..

Thank you for making so many evenings memorable !!


Mohnish Makhija, Mumbai



In tune with life......... Charu!
After listening to Charu Moohan I must say that he is a brightening star in the sky of music . I think there are very few people who has dual qualities and he is one of them. He is a very nice person with cool and calm nature + have a real sense of music & expression. I do'nt know about anyone else but I am his true fan so all the best for his real tune with life..!


Shobhita Pandey, Kanpur
Lecturer at DAV



Charu Moohan – One Man Army….!!!


Kartik Timbadia, Mumbai